June 13, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 24


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LIMSfinder.com Welcomes Labcompliance.com

LIMSfinder.com introduces new In-Line Text ads

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GLP Regulations on Computerized Systems

Java Stored Procedures in a LIMS Environment

Zen and the Art of LIMS Troubleshooting

The Impact of the Guidance for Industry Part 11, Electronic Records, Electronic Signatures – Scope and Application

Take Real Control Over Chemical Inventory Management

Instrument-LIMS Integration Technologies

 Industry Solution Focus - Forensics

Forensics Magazine

Provides forensic professionals with information on the newest and most relevant technology, trends, products, and solutions.

Forensics Focus Headlines

Computer forensics (or forensic computing) is the use of specialized techniques for recovery, authentication, and analysis of electronic data with a view to presenting evidence in a court of law.


xrEvidence allows Police Departments to keep track of evidence. Each evidence item is associated with its case. You may keep detailed information about evidence items, including property category and type, manufacturer and model, year made, color, serial number, UPC, currency type and amount, narcotic type, special warnings, etc. Items and cases can be combined in batches. Action may be preformed on item, case, and batch levels. You may take digital images of items. Print and scan barcodes for items, cases, batches, locations, and employees with xrEvidence. Collect barcodes remotely and upload them to the system. Customize actions that can be performed on items, cases and batches. Print Item History and Chain of Custody reports. System administrator can set extensive range of permissions for the users. All screens in xrEvidence are interrelated - view associated records with the click of a button. xrEvidence is highly customizable - you can add/edit/delete any record in dropdown fields.

Basic Overview of Forensic DNA and STR Data

Approximately 99% of all human DNA is the same. In the one percent that differs, sequences of repeating nucleotides exist called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). STR regions are highly polymorphic, meaning that they are very different between any number of people. The FBI has marked 13 locations (or loci) on the DNA for forensic testing and identification.

FBI Case Management System. Another case of failed IT projects?

The FBI recently announced the cancellation of a major IT project where nearly $170 Million dollars and 3 years were spent to end up with a system that only does 10% of what was envisioned.

Forensics Institute Improves Performance with LIMS

StarLIMS plays key role in integrating diverse laboratory operations into single system
 Recent News

06/12/2006 - Gene Codes Forensics is Providing Software to Aid the DNA Shoah Project With Holocaust Victim Identification Efforts

06/12/2006 - GulfStream Bioinformatics Releases Next-Generation Flagship Product, BIGR(R) 5.0, for Biospecimen Management

06/12/2006 - On-Time, On-Budget LIMS Implementation Earns Award for DCLS

06/09/2006 - CyGene Laboratories Fuels Genetic Knowledge Sharing Initiative with Biber Technologies Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

06/08/2006 - Biber web-base LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

06/07/2006 - Two Industry Honors for STARLIMS V10

 Upcoming Events

07/20/2006 - 3rd Laborarory Equipment Qualification and Systems Validation Conference

07/20/2006 - Impurity Testing in Drug Substances and Products Conference

07/17/2006 - Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference 2006

06/28/2006 - Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management 2006

06/27/2006 - Euro-Biotech Forum 2006

06/20/2006 - A&WMA's 2006 Annual Conference & Exhibition

06/19/2006 - International Congress on Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine (NanoBio2006)

06/17/2006 - HPLC 2006

 Job Postings

06/12/2006 - Labware LIMS Developer

06/12/2006 - Sr. LIMS Analyst

06/07/2006 - LIMS Implementation and Architecture consultant

06/06/2006 - Labware LIMS Validation Consultant Needed

06/06/2006 - LIMS Labware Consultants - 2 openings - Urgent Need

06/06/2006 - LIMS Administrator - NOT Validation

06/06/2006 - LIMs Consultant

06/06/2006 - Validation Technical Writer

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

06/08/2006 - Request For Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Oregon Department of Human Services Office Oregon State Public Health Laboratory

05/15/2006 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System

Connecticut Department of Public Health
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