October 24, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 42


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LIMSfinder On-line LIMS Demonstration and Presentation Blog

LIMSfinder.com is pleased to announce the addition of a new blog for on-line Laboratory Informatics software product demonstrations and presentations. Software companies and consultants are welcomed to post links to their on-line product demonstrations and presentations.
 Demonstrations & Presentations

The Human Metabolome Project

Freely web accessible database providing detailed information on metabolites, chemistry, enzymes, diseases and pathways.

History of LIMS

This presentation give a very concise history of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The presentation covers, what is a LIMS, advantage, disadvantages, the future of LIMS and whole lot more...

Challenges in Selecting, Qualifying and Validating Pharmaceutical Data Acquisition and LIMS Systems

This presentation covers the selection process through defining User Requirements Specification (URS) and proceeds to system qualification and validation. This presentation provides a good outline from a users perspective.

A Polite Software Product, a sure sign of sophistication

Software is becoming more sophisticated. A truly civilized piece of software will destroy your data with a nice and polite message.

The LIMS home grown nightmare...

In today's world, the idea of building your own LIMS is becoming a thing of the past. There are many good products to choose from; but in case you are thinking of having a LIMS built for your lab, consider this image...

Web Services for Bioinformatics

It's interesting how books, papers and journals, the traditional open wares of academia and the sciences are slowly being succumbed by first open source scientific applications, and now open data web services.

Creative Commons / Science Commons - Key to sharing scientfic knowledge

Have you started noticing a little symbol called "Creative Commons" showing up on numerous on-line publications, including this blog? This little icon is being adopted more and more by publishers on the Internet, especially in the scientific community. Creative Commons is helping to guarantee the free and open access to vital scientific information and publications.

More on Mashups - An Easy, Free Way to Create Custom Web Apps

What if you could combine online data from multiple sources to create a customized, interactive Web application that could keep your supporters in the know without requiring them to visit more than one site? And what if you could do so using free, readily available tools, eliminating the need to build an expensive custom solution from the ground up? That's the idea behind hybrid online applications known as mashups.
 Recent News

10/23/2006 - New White Paper Explores Basic Problem of How to Effectively Apply Computer Technologies in the Laboratory Research Environment

10/20/2006 - Bika LIMS 1.2 "ISO 17025 Ready" available for download

10/19/2006 - Radiochromatography software can run the whole show

10/19/2006 - BioIT Alliance Shows Progress in Accelerating the Pace of Drug Discovery and Development

10/18/2006 - ATL's LIMS Solutions at WEFTEC 2006!

10/18/2006 - GraphLogic to Build Custom LIMS for Genetic Services for Sequenom

10/18/2006 - Los Alamos licenses avian flu modeling and simulation software

 Upcoming Events

11/16/2006 - NanoBiotech World Congress

11/16/2006 - CHI's Drug Development in India

11/15/2006 - Protein Biomarkers 2006

11/14/2006 - Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Product Liability

11/14/2006 - Pharma Secure Chain

11/13/2006 - 7th annual Drug Discovery and Technology Leaders Summit

11/13/2006 - 2006 Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exhibit (EAS)

11/13/2006 - CHI's Imaging Week

11/09/2006 - Genomics Momentum 2006

11/08/2006 - Seventh Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress

11/08/2006 - Biomarkers Europe

11/06/2006 - 2nd Annual Nanomedicine Commercializing Drug Delivery, Diagnostics & Medical Devices

11/06/2006 - High Content Analysis Europe

11/01/2006 - MicroRNAs Europe 2006

10/31/2006 - Advances in Microarray Technology 2006

10/31/2006 - Select Biosciences - Advances in Microarray Technology

10/30/2006 - The 3rd International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT 2006)

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

10/23/2006 - Request for Information - Clinical Trials Management System

10/20/2006 - California Dept. of Agriculture - (LIMS) RFP, Laboratory Information Mgmt Syst Software

 Job Postings

10/16/2006 - IT Project Manager

10/13/2006 - LIMS - SQL*LIMS (4.0 or higher) Report Analyst / Designer

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