November 29, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 47


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Getting ready for a LIMS

Laboratory Information Management Software for genotyping workflows: applications in high throughput crop genotyping.

Virtualization in LIMS

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) -- User Requirements: No Surprises is Key to Success

"Are You Throwing Money Away With Your Quality Control Data?"

GLP Regulations on Computerized Systems

Controlling Code: Controlling custom code in a validated environment

On the right track - The search for the perfect sample storage led one leading standards laboratory to try ItemTracker

LIMS - Pharmaceutical Industries

 Demonstrations & Presentations

Leading the LIMS industry through innovation

LABLynx, Inc. was the first Laboratory Informatics provider to deliver a true browser-based Laboratory Information Management Solution in 1997. View this presentation to learn more about LABLynx and what makes us the LIMS industry leader with innovations that keep us at the forefront.

LIMS for Agriculture - What you do, What you need and How to get it

The following presentation (click to view now), provides a concise overview of what State Agricultural laboratories do; their importance in health, food and product safety and regulatory compliance. The presentation further describes what functionality and features Agriculture labs need in a LIMS and how the LIMS meets those requirements out of the box.

Challenges in Selecting, Qualifying and Validating Pharmaceutical Data Acquisition and LIMS Systems

This presentation covers the selection process through defining User Requirements Specification (URS) and proceeds to system qualification and validation. This presentation provides a good outline from a users perspective.

History of LIMS

This presentation give a very concise history of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The presentation covers, what is a LIMS, advantage, disadvantages, the future of LIMS and whole lot more...

LabLite Process Control Demo

LabLite Process Control is the solution for the needs of a treatment plant or manufacturing facility. It provides for automatic flagging of multiple limits and exceptions. Secure screens can be presented for individual operators or shifts for specific sequences of data entry. LabLite Process Control has the ability to exactly match compliance or summary reports with a click.

LabLite LIMS Product Demo

LabLite SQL LIMS is a full featured application designed to support small to large scale labs or testing operations. Product features include security, scheduling, sample login, results tracking and flagging, QC charting, graphing, reporting and billing. This LIMS is an excellent choice for labs that anticipate growth.

NWA Quality Analyst SPC Software

Demo and trial software for SPC charting & reporting -NWA Quality Analyst and teststation data collection - NWA Quality Monitor

LIMS, the laboratory ERP

LIMS is not just for sample tracking anymore. Learn more about how a modern LIMS provides enterprise level functionality for all of your Laboratory Data Management needs.

Processing and Managing HL7 Messages

The ability to efficiently handle HL7 messages is vital to successful healthcare integration. This demonstration shows Ensemble’s built-in capabilities for rapidly integrating healthcare applications, including:
 Polls & Surveys

LIMS Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please tell us how satisfied you are with your LIMS Vendor / Product. Take the LIMS Customer Satisfaction Survey. It takes less than 2 minutes. You can even update your responses when you want. Make your voice heard!

What most influenced your LIMS Selection?

Please tell us what factors were most important in the selection of your LIMS. If you have not yet selected a LIMS, please let us know what factors are most important to you.

Are you happy with Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports are used by many users for creating Laboratory Reports but are you satisfied with that product or would you prefer a different solution. Cast your vote.

Is your LIMS worth the price?

Tell us what your LIMS is worth.

How do you stay informed?

Tell us how you stay informed and up to date in your profession.

Which Database would you prefer to use for your LIMS?

Tell us which database you prefer

Web Browser Based LIMS vs. Traditional Windows LIMS

Which do you prefer?

Custom LIMS vs. Commercial LIMS Product

Tell which type of LIMS you would prefer.
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