March 12, 2008      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 6, Issue 11


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 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

03/10/2008 - Request for Proposal - Forensic Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS)

New York City Police Department

02/27/2008 - Solicitation Notice - Laboratory Information Management System

Naval Health Research Center

02/25/2008 - Request For Information-LIS/LIMS vendor profiles

The Association of Public Health Laboratories ( is seeking information from LIS/LIMS vendors to provide to their public health laboratory members and colleagues both domestically and abroad.

Justifying a LIMS for your Small Water/Wastewater Laboratory

A currently popular and well-known definition of insanity is the repetition of the same behavior with the expectation of different results. Moreover, it is a key principle of laboratories that processes be repeatable with predictable results. Why is it, then, that many small water/wastewater or environmental labs continue to labor using paper and pencil and, at best, Excel spreadsheets for information management and yet expect to magically meet or exceed regulatory standards including NELAC/NELAP (TNI) and 21 CFR 11, increase efficiency, handle instrument calibration and maintenance (never mind results files!), generate all reports and trend analyses quickly and distribute them effectively, and interface with outside systems when it has ALWAYS been a struggle?

LIMS to get hot as Nano gets BIG!

Have you ever fantasized what it would look like ‘playing with wild fire’ or ‘making mountain from a mole’? If the response is overwhelmingly negative, the field of nanotechnology can give you some answers. Nanotechnology is a field of science that is garnering strength as we make new strides towards innovation and technology in preparation for the future.
 Recent News

03/11/2008 - WinLims Rental solution helps Corkwise to enhance customer service

03/11/2008 - LimsLink CDS Selected for Integration with LIMS at Chinese Manufacturing Facility

03/10/2008 - 3M Implements LabCORE and Dramatically Improves Project Management And Collaboration Across The Organization

03/05/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Publishes New Poster from Lab Automation 2008

03/05/2008 - Agilent Technologies and ACD/Labs Sign Collaborative Marketing Agreement on Method Development Software

 Job Postings

Labware Configuration/Validation

Labware Lims Validation

LIMS Analyst

IT Senior Analyst, SQL*LIMS

Training and Support Specialist

Research Business Analyst

Software Engineer 2

Software Engineer

Software Engineer 2

Senior Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

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 Upcoming Events

04/21/2008 - Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials

04/20/2008 - CHI's Quantitative PCR

04/06/2008 - Spring 2008 American Chemical Society National Meeting & Expo

04/06/2008 - Society for Biomolecular Sciences - 14th Annual Conference & Exhibition

04/01/2008 - Analytica 2008

03/31/2008 - Laboratory Informatics 2008

03/26/2008 - INTERPHEX 2008

03/25/2008 - CHI's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

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