August 24, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 34


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08/24/2022 - Create Effective Reports with LabLynx LIMS Software Solutions

Your laboratory’s total testing process begins and ends far beyond your laboratory’s walls. Sources of human error can creep into your test results at many points along the process chain. Yet, as our guide “Improve Laboratory Accuracy and Reporting Quality with a LIMS” notes, people often forget the importance of the final step: your customers’ interpretation of the results. This article addresses how LabLynx LIMS software can help you design better, more readable reports to, in turn, help your customers make better decisions. [Read More]

08/24/2022 - Managing Monkeypox Testing in a Post-Pandemic World

iStock-1400261569Straight on the heels of a COVID resurgence this summer, US laboratories are bracing for yet another swing in their seemingly ever-changing staffing and resource needs to address new clinical and wastewater testing for human monkeypox virus (hMPXV).  [Read More]

08/24/2022 - Enterprise Data Fabric and the Impact on a Digital Transformation of Life Sciences

Data Fabric is a hot topic buzzword today. We think of Data Fabric as the way of creating an abstraction from the underlying technology. Allowing the data to be exposed at the top level as business objects that are semantically related. This can be thought of as a weaving together of data from internal silos and external sources that creates a network of information to power the business’ applications, AI, and analytics. [Read More]

08/24/2022 - New LIMS Web Application Released by Autoscribe Informatics in Matrix Gemini v6.5

Autoscribe Informatics, the global leader in configurable Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced the release of Matrix Gemini version 6.5. In a major upgrade to the underlying technology Autoscribe has introduced a new web browser application for Matrix Gemini known simply as the New Matrix Gemini Web application.[Read More]

08/24/2022 - Progress and challenges in implementing Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) plays a vital role in the laboratories in the areas of bench level analysis, and point of analysis by providing real-time automation and control of testing procedures. Cloud-based ELNs ensure that procedures are carried out in an automated manner by the way direct integration with instruments (i.e. data is collected directly from instruments), the computations are performed, and inventory is checked and updated. [Read More]

08/24/2022 - Best Practices for Training and Launch of Pharmacovigilance System

Develop Effective Training for your Pharmacovigilance System. Conduct it Early. Employee participation in training–prior to go-live of your Pharmacovigilance System–is critical to enhancing comfort key to realizing the full benefit of a new software system. Software training for your pharmacovigilance system is most effective when it is focused on the end-user position. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

08/22/2022 - Improving data quality in clinical research informatics tools

In this 2022 case study by AbuHalimeh, de-identified data quality dimensions (DDQD) in two real-life clinical systems are examined to better understand discrepancies and requirements for their correction in order to improve data quality for clinical researchers. After a brief introduction to the topic of clinical informatics and data quality, AbuHalimeh presents a case study using patient count data from a TranSMART Foundation i2b2 and Epic SlicerDicer system of "a healthcare organization that wanted to have the ability to ingest other sources of research-specific data." After discussing the methodology and results, the author proposes a series of eight steps to improve data quality generated from de-identified system." Those steps "together form guidelines for a methodology of manual and automated procedures and tools used to manage data quality and data governance in a multifaceted, diverse information environment such as healthcare organizations, as well as to enhance data quality among data housed in de-identified data systems," the author concludes.

 Featured Jobs

4 weeks ago - Clarity LIMS Developer

Elastic Solutions, Inc. - Remote, CA 94005

Location: RemoteCandidates Need EITHER specific Clarity LIMS exp OR very strong Python skills and very strong background in molecular diagnostic workflows particular to NGS.Company DescriptionOur client...

1 month ago - Laboratory System Administrator

Seattle Public Utilities - Seattle, WA, Washington 98104

Position DescriptionAn online application including response to the supplemental questionnaire must be fully completed for consideration Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is seeking an experienced Laboratory System Administrator (ITP-B) to...

 Upcoming Webinars

09/22/2022 - Webinar: Incorporating ISO 17025 into your laboratory

09/14/2022 - Digital Roundtable Event – Why modern systems are needed for true digital transformation

09/14/2022 - Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Laboratory Automation

08/30/2022 - ResultWorks Webinar – Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Digital Transformation in Life Science

 Bid Opportunities

12/31/2023 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for Laboratory eTools Repository

10/14/2022 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System for the Maryland Department of State Police

09/12/2022 - Pre-solicitation: On-Premises Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) for the University of Dundee

09/09/2022 - Request for Proposal: LIS for Blood Bank, Blood Donor Center, Transfusion Service, and HLA Laboratory

09/05/2022 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia

09/01/2022 - Request for Proposals: Forensic DNA Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

08/31/2022 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management Solution

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