September 19, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 37


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More on Mashups - An Easy, Free Way to Create Custom Web Apps

What if you could combine online data from multiple sources to create a customized, interactive Web application that could keep your supporters in the know without requiring them to visit more than one site? And what if you could do so using free, readily available tools, eliminating the need to build an expensive custom solution from the ground up? That's the idea behind hybrid online applications known as mashups.

The Rationale for Open Access Publishing

With the advent of the growing Semantic Web (a web of open access databases) and other such Web 2.0 initiatives, there will be a growing call for Open Access publications. There is a strong rationale for OA that will change the effectiveness of scientific research.

Web 2.0 gone mad?

In today's techno-world, some good ideas get a bad rap from too much jargon. Sometimes you can find the perfect icon to describe the hype. If you are interested in Web 2.0, you might want to get one of these little devices:

Open Access (OA) Publications - the changing face of scientific publications

I recently responded to a post on the LIMS Mail List about the release of a new peer reviewed scientific publication called Pharma IT Journal. In my posting, I suggested that the new journal be released as an Open Access Journal. The following article gives a pretty good overview of exactly what Open Access is and the benefits to the scientific community.

The Ion Channel Inverse Problem: Neuroinformatics Meets Biophysics

Ion channels are the building blocks of the information processing capability of neurons: any realistic computational model of a neuron must include reliable and effective ion channel components.

Three-dimensional structure determination of proteins related to human health in their functional context at The Israel Structural Proteomics Center (ISPC)

The principal goal of the Israel Structural Proteomics Center (ISPC) is to determine the structures of proteins related to human health in their functional context. Emphasis is on the solution of structures of proteins complexed with their natural partner proteins and/or with DNA. . .

LIMSfinder On-line LIMS Demonstration and Presentation Blog is pleased to announce the addition of a new blog for on-line Laboratory Informatics software product demonstrations and presentations. Software companies and consultants are welcomed to post links to their on-line product demonstrations and presentations.
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LabLite LIMS Produt Demos - Webcasts

LabLite LIMS Produt Demos - Webcasts - call or email us today for a web-based demonstration of any LabLite LIMS products.

Computing Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is demonstrating LabSoft LIMS with free live webcasts.

Schedule a free live online demonstration of LabSoft LIMS for you organization.
 Recent News

09/18/2006 - LabLogic ADME and RC analysis software updates on show at October meetings

09/18/2006 - Petrobras Manager closes Rio Oil & Gas at the Chemtech stand

09/18/2006 - Labtronics Releases Latest Version Of The Nexxis Chemical Inventory Manager

09/18/2006 - Labtronics Releases Nexxis Sample Tracker Version 3.0

09/13/2006 - World’s Largest Environmental Cleanup Site Uses Open Text Solution To Improve Records Management

09/13/2006 - View Webinar On Stonebond Technologies' Affymetrix Genechip-Compatible Software For Automation of Sample Registration And Data Retrieval

09/13/2006 - Pierre Fabre announces the deployment of Kalabie ELN to support its R&D Dermo-Cosmetics projects since May 2006

09/13/2006 - NNIT and LabVantage establish partnership for LIMS in the central European market

 Upcoming Events

10/19/2006 - Stability Testing for the FDA Regulated Industry

10/19/2006 - Strategies and Techniques for Dissolution Testing

10/18/2006 - Total Market Forecasting in Pharmaceuticals

10/18/2006 - 2nd annual Advances in Metabolic Profiling Conference

10/17/2006 - 102nd Meeting - Gulf Coast Conference

10/14/2006 - Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS) - 18th International Activated Carbon Conference & Courses

10/13/2006 - AACC Announces: Clinical Proteomics: Opportunities for Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, and the Clinical Laboratory

10/04/2006 - Cell Based Assays in Biopharmaceuticals Drug Development

10/03/2006 - Pharmaceutical Law Europe

10/03/2006 - Society of Forensic Toxicologist Annual Meeting

10/01/2006 - 34th Annual ASCLD Symposium

09/28/2006 - Select Biosciences - RNAi Europe

09/26/2006 - Select Biosciences - European Biomarkers Summit

09/26/2006 - Pharmaceutical IT Congress


09/25/2006 - ASEPTIC PROCESSING Conference

09/25/2006 - ELNs & Laboratory Informatics 2006

 Job Postings

09/18/2006 - LIMS Support in Gainesville, FL


09/14/2006 - Contract LIMS Project Manager/ Developer


09/11/2006 - Supervisor, Laboratory Information Systems

09/08/2006 - LIMS Analyst needed in Jacksonville, Florida

09/08/2006 - Sr Java/Oracle Developer with LIMS

08/21/2006 - Sales Opportunities (Puerto Rico) - Validation Company

08/17/2006 - LIMS Analyst - Long term contract position - at least 2 years

08/16/2006 - Senior Quality Applications Engineer

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

09/18/2006 - Contract Advertisement - Materials Testing & Inspection Services

09/18/2006 - Combine Solicitation - Liquid Chromatography System for Protein Purification

09/18/2006 - Presolicitation Notice - Cytogenetics testing

09/18/2006 - Invitation for Bid - Lab Test for Health Services

09/07/2006 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

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