March 20, 2007      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 5, Issue 12


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Diet LIMS for Small Labs

“Small is beautiful” is a popular quote. But did you know that being small in business is double jeopardy? Of course, most of us know. Being small in the laboratory business is no different. There is always threat from the large competing labs. The larger labs constantly push their smaller rivals with velocities sufficient enough to drive them out from the realms of profitability and eventually, even beyond the threshold of existence.

Data Migration

As the IT industry matures, companies are starting to realize the benefits of having a standardized approach to IT. This includes the use of common applications within a business sector. These applications can be a new application entirely for the company or an upgrade of one of a number of existing products in place. When a company decides to go down the path of standardization there are a number of things that need to be considered. One of the most important issues that a company needs to consider is the question of what to do with legacy data. Depending on the type of application, legacy data may or may not be required. In the LIMS world, foreseeable situations exist where the answer to the legacy data question is both! The question is then – migrate the data to the new system or warehouse the data? I will explain some of the considerations that should come into play when making this decision.

The IT department's contribution to your LIMS implementation

Does this image represent the contribution of your IT department to your LIMS implementation?

Open Source Beer vs. Open Source LIMS; which one do you prefer?

A year ago, some enterprising lads at the IT University of Copenhagen released a recipe of beer under the Creative Commons license. Because of the license, anybody that made money from selling the beer would need to give them credit and publish any changes to the recipe under a similar license. It was a novel idea and got some press from both the Open Source and the beer brewing communities. But just like many applications in the Open Source world, getting an Open Source beer recipe is the first (and usually easiest) step in a long, involved, sometimes unpleasant, process. And I hope that anybody making Open Source anything takes criticism really well....
 Recent News

03/20/2007 - LABWORKS LIMS 6.0 Webcast

03/19/2007 - AmeriPath Selects Nexaweb's Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform for Its Enterprise Laboratory Information System

03/19/2007 - Rare DNA Samples Saved at UNLV's Biotechnology Center Through Power Outage With Franek Technologies' Protection

03/19/2007 - March 2007 Series of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Live Web Seminars and Discussion Groups

03/16/2007 - ClinPhone announces educational webinar series

03/16/2007 - Pharsight Releases WinNonlin(R) Validation Suite(TM) Version 1.2

03/15/2007 - QSI adds COSHH Compliance Software to Rental Scheme

03/15/2007 - PACS Invites you to WQA Aquatech 2007 Conference

03/14/2007 - Luminex Corporation Launches xPONENT(TM) Software and MagPlex(TM) Magnetic Microspheres

03/14/2007 - Symbion Systems, Inc. Announces Partnership With Labtronics, Inc. to Enable Spectroscopic Connectivity for LIMS

03/14/2007 - Lablogic - New radio-chemical enhancement captures low-level peaks

 Upcoming Events

04/17/2007 - Water Environment Association of Utah - 2007 Annual Conference

04/17/2007 - California Water Environment Association Annual Conference

04/15/2007 - Society for Biomolecular Sciences - SBS 13th Annual Conference & Exhibition:

04/15/2007 - AWEA's 30th Annual Technical Conference

04/14/2007 - Florida Water Resources 2007 Conference

04/12/2007 - BioFine Europe 2007

04/10/2007 - TEXAS WATER '07 "The Largest Regional Water Conference In The US

04/02/2007 - Kansas Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

03/28/2007 - Process Analytical Technology 2007

03/27/2007 - Georgia Water Resources Conference

03/25/2007 - American Chemical Society 233rd National Meeting & Exposition

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

03/20/2007 - Contract Advertisement - Criminal Justice Information System Redesign Project

03/16/2007 - Inivitation to Bid - Wastewater Testing Services

03/16/2007 - Contract Advertisement - Analytical Services for the State Water Board

03/07/2007 - Request for Bids - LIMS for Precilab

03/06/2007 - Presolicitation Notice - Provide Support for the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory

03/06/2007 - Presolicitation Notice - Reference Lab services

03/06/2007 - Presolicitation Notice - Chemical Analytical Laboratory Services -- Ground Water Sample Analysis

 Job Postings

Online Payment Representative Manager

LIMS candidate

Oracle Database Administration

Sr. Database Administrator

LIMS Administration/Assistance

Urgent Requirement for our Pharma Client at South San Francisco, CA.

Laboratory Information Systems Analyst

Laboratory Information Systems Analyst

LIMS Administrator / Analyst

Senior Director Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager – Southern CA

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