January 09, 2007      
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 Volume 5, Issue 2


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The Bug Toast

Let's hope this is not a toast to the future...

Automating Laboratory Operations by Intergrating Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) with Analytical Instruments and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

CSI: Bethesda

cGMP Informatics

 Demonstrations & Presentations

LIMSfinder On-line LIMS Demonstration and Presentation Blog

LIMSfinder.com is pleased to announce the addition of a new blog for on-line Laboratory Informatics software product demonstrations and presentations. Software companies and consultants are welcomed to post links to their on-line product demonstrations and presentations.

Bika LIMS product demos

Bika LIMS product demos - Instructional videos that showcase & illustrate the Bika LIMS. Click on the title to see the Flash Movie or click on the picture for a screenshot of the movie. An easy way to return from a movie to this list is by clicking "movies" from the menu below the tabs.

MathWorks Demonstrations, Presentations & Webcasts

Links to dozens of product demonstrations and presentations by MathWorks. An RSS feed is also provided to the most recent calendar of live webcasts.

LIMS for Agriculture - What you do, What you need and How to get it


 Recent News

01/08/2007 - Poland's Leading Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturer Selects TrackWise Software as its Enterprise Quality Management System


01/08/2007 - Agriculture Laboratory Consortium Welcomes New York and North Carolina State Labs to the LABWORKS Community

01/08/2007 - New LIMS release gives users more options

01/02/2007 - BlazeLIMS Equipment Maintenance Module Released

 Upcoming Events

02/06/2007 - Hawaii Water Environment Association

02/06/2007 - Hawaii Water Environment Association 2007 Annual Conference

02/05/2007 - New York Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

02/02/2007 - North Carolina Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

01/30/2007 - Cool Chain 2007

01/27/2007 - LabAutomation 2007

01/24/2007 - Advances in Protein Crystallography

01/23/2007 - High-Content Analysis

01/22/2007 - Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine-2007

01/21/2007 - New England Water Environment Association 2007 Annual Conference and Exhibit

 Job Postings

Network Engineer, Installation Engineer, Project Manager/Support

Technical Support Specialist

LIMS Field Engineer

Laboratory Information Systems Manager – LabWare LIMS - CB-20596


Project Manager, Lab Information Systems

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

12/20/2006 - LIMS RFP - Water Quality LIMS - City of Scottsdale, AZ

The following presentation provides a concise overview of what State Agricultural laboratories do; their importance in health, food and product safety and regulatory compliance.  The presentation further describes what functionality and features Agriculture labs need in a LIMS and how the LABLynx LIMS meets those requirements out of the box.

Click here to view the Presentation

(audio speakers are highly recommended)

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