17025 Ready – LIMS!

17025 Ready – LIMS!


ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation is the criteria for laboratories to demonstrate the technical competence to carry out specific test methods; generate valid calibration data, test results, and operate an effective quality system. ISO 17025 applies to any organization that wants to assure its customers of its precision, accuracy and repeatability of results.


ISO 17025 certified manufacturers demonstrate to their customers that the product quality laboratories optimally perform specified tests on the products supplied; laboratory personnel are trained and qualified to conduct these tests; instruments utilized are calibrated and serviced, results are properly reported, and that all of these processes have been confirmed by an independent auditor.


Customers expect results provided by the supplier’s laboratory to be as accurate and objective as those conducted by an independent laboratory or at the customer’s laboratory.


Analytical tests and associated data generated by accredited supplier laboratories are typically not reproduced by the clients that purchase the products. With measurement and measurement related operations estimated to account for 3% to 6% of industrialized countries’ GDP, accredited laboratories are able to command higher prices than their non-accredited competitors.


The requisite documentation linked to each of the lab processes is easily generated during the implementation of an ISO17025 “ready” LIMS platform like STARLIMS.


STARLIMS integrated work flow manager produces compliant electronic records at each of the laboratory workflow steps and automatically links related information to produce a traceability matrix surrounding results. The numerous steps involved in obtaining a defendable result are electronically documented in correspondence with integrated modules that maintain:


§        Versions of test methods,

§        Training certifications for analysts,

§        Log books for instrument maintenance,

§        Instrument standards and control charts,

§        Material management and storage conditions,

§        Chain of Custody,

§        Reporting templates and distribution standards,

§        Outsourcing of lab services and more.


STARLIMS integrated ISO 17025 “ready” features are recognized by laboratories and quality management experts as an effective platform to accelerate accreditation and ease the burden of maintaining ongoing compliance.  


“Through our combined work effort over the last five years, we have found STARLIMS
to be an efficient platform for creating and maintaining a comprehensive laboratory quality system that addresses all applicable aspects of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. STARLIMS ability to rapidly configure workflows is especially valuable in developing a reliable quality system in organizations where processes are constantly changing.” added Bruce Weber, CEO, of QMS Quality Management Systems, Inc. “Our experience with STARLIMS and our international presence has led us to offer STARLIMS’ customers a suite of extremely cost effective assessment and certification services leading to Laboratory Accreditation in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.”


About QMS

QMS is an international organization specializing in ISO 9000 and sector specific quality systems assessment and registration. Since founding in 1992, QMS has certified businesses in 45 countries through principal, partner and affiliated offices in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and South America. For more information on QMS please visit www.qms.org.



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