2019 Lab Informatics Year in Review

Since 1995, Astrix Technology Group has been serving the scientific community by helping our customers improve laboratory business processes, source the right talent, and harmonize quality processes by employing the right technology. Our core mission is to build value and trust with the clients we serve, and ultimately help our customers do the important scientific work that improves the world we live in.

2019 was a really great year for Astrix. Over this past year, we doubled our practice servicing federal agencies, reached an important milestone of 750 total employees, and grew by an amazing 34%. Along the way, we added new services, conducted industry surveys, produced helpful white papers and blog posts, sponsored and gave presentations at several important industry conferences, and provided a number of information-packed webinars to support the scientific community. Let’s take a closer look at some of our key contributions and achievements which helped make 2019 such an exciting year for the Astrix family.

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