6 Powerful Ways to Automate Your Next-Generation Sequencing Lab

For low-throughput labs, manual processing might be the simplest and best way to operate. But for high-throughput labs, automation is the key tool needed to boost speed and efficiency.

Every process you currently perform manually is an opportunity for incremental improvement. So, it makes sense to automate as many processes as possible once your monthly throughput exceeds a certain threshold. We’ve talked about this before in our post on scaling throughput, but we think it bears repeating. If you want to scale, automation is critical.

There are other significant benefits, too. Automation using robots and code that operate according to defined algorithms can also help the lab achieve a greater degree of reproducibility and accuracy. It can also result in fewer human errors and boost the morale of your highly qualified lab technicians.

Here are six ways your lab could begin to take advantage of this important capability.