Autoscribe Informatics now has a distributor in South Korea

Autoscribe Informatics is proud to announce that it has appointed Infowiz as our distributor in South Korea for the Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) products. Infowiz, based in Seoul, is a company focused on the delivery of specialist software for laboratories providing project management consultants and implementation experts.

Bob Blunden, Director Australasia and Asia Pacific at Autoscribe Informatics, said: “We were attracted to Infowiz because of their in-depth knowledge of laboratory informatics, as well as their understanding of the customer base in South Korea. This provides us with an excellent partner to market, implement and support our Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions to further grow our LIMS business in South Korea. The configurability of Matrix provides opportunities in a wide range of markets, by allowing the LIMS solutions to be precisely tailored to the exact needs of individual laboratories, and even in multiple laboratories within a single organization.”

The comprehensive configuration tools built into Matrix Gemini allow genuine system configuration without the need for custom software coding. The tools use an intuitive visual workflow screen editor that utilizes drag and drop and point and click methods to add fields, list boxes etc., meaning that no programming skills are required. An unlimited number of screens can be created, modified and linked together. In this way, the LIMS can be designed quickly to exactly represent user requirements in terms of workflows, screen designs, menu designs, terminology, report designs and much more.

Jangho Seo, Director at Infowiz, said “I was first attracted to Matrix by the way that it can be easily configured for a customer to provide far better functionality than that of other LIMS. My recent training from Autoscribe has shown me the full power of the configuration tool which has exceeded my expectations. With Matrix Gemini LIMS we will be able to offer our customers in South Korea professional and functional systems configured specifically for their needs, making Matrix the ideal system for Infowiz to market, install and support. We are proud to represent Autoscribe Informatics and Matrix Gemini LIMS in South Korea.”