Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Implements STARLIMS Forensic LIMS Appliance in Under Two Weeks

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., August 19, 2009 –STARLIMS Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of laboratory information management systems, or LIMS , today announced that Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in South Carolina has implemented the STARLIMS forensic appliance in a quick and cost-effective manner. The STARLIMS Forensic Appliance, a new offering from STARLIMS, is specifically designed for small forensics labs that are implementing LIMS for the first time, and require a fail-proof hardware and software solution with complete forensic functionality. The STARLIMS forensic appliance was implemented in under two weeks during June 2009, at a cost of less than $100,000.


A Powerful System Goes Live in Days

STARLIMS provided a pre-configured server to BCSO, followed by on-site training and step-by-step instructions. BCSO staff was able to configure static data and workflow settings within days, and the system went live in less than two weeks. The project’s technical lead at BCSO, Timothy French, reported that, “This is working well and it really only took about two days work on my part to set up.”


With the STARLIMS system in place, BCSO now enjoys the benefit of automated lab data management, encompassing the entire forensic examination life cycle. This makes a significant contribution in helping the BCSO to overcome the challenge of repetitive, tedious, and inconsistent data storage and retrieval.


An Unusually Rapid Deployment in the LIMS World

“We are very proud of this highly effective project, so unusual in the LIMS world, where implementation time is counted in months, not weeks,” said Jeff Ferguson, COO of STARLIMS Corporation. “It was a speedy, customer-friendly project, which gave BCSO a wealth of functionality at a price point that met their budgetary requirements. We couldn’t ask for better proof that our forensic appliance is a valid and necessary product for small forensic labs.”

According to Ferguson, one important factor in the success of this project is that the STARLIMS Forensic Appliance has been specifically designed to provide all the built-in functionalities a small forensic lab needs, right out of the box, so very little time and effort is required on the customer’s end. He added that, “BCSO played an equally important role in making this deployment as easy as it really was. BCSO staff learned the system quickly, immediately matched our built-in tools to their workflows, and did everything to make our collaboration a pleasure.”


About the STARLIMS Forensic Appliance

The STARLIMS Forensic Appliance is a fail-proof solution with complete forensic functionality. An ASCLD-LAB compliant appliance, it is based on long-established expertise in U.S. federal and state lab facilities with forensic specialties in ten different functional areas. The STARLIMS forensic appliance is a powerful aid in establishing a forensic lab process flow, making it ideal for new labs. In addition, the document management module, quality standards tracking, and instrument and materials management functions directly support a lab’s ability to achieve ISO 17025 or ASCLD compliance. The STARLIMS forensic appliance comes complete with all the needed hardware, eliminating costly and time-consuming processes of defining hardware needs, and procuring each item. It is priced well under $100,000.