Blaze Systems Announces strategic partnership with KineMatic to provide ELN-LIMS-SDMS-CDS-Instrument integration

December 3, 2012 . Newark, DE and Chicago, IL. – Today, Blaze Systems, creator of the BlazeLIMS and BlazeLink suite of laboratory informatics products and KineMatik, creator of the eNovator Suite of R&D software products and the leading provider of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) announced a strategic alliance and reseller agreement.

Blaze Systems Corporation has been providing LIMS and instrument interfacing solutions to a broad range of functions and industries since it was established in 1992. Its BlazeLink informatics system middleware provides seamless integration between ELN, LIMS, SDMS, CDS, and test/analytical instruments.

Since 1999 KineMatik has helped R&D organizations collaborate, get products to market faster, and protect intellectual property by offering the eNovator suite of R&D software solutions.

“We are truly excited about our relationship with KineMatik,” says Larry DeHeer, Blaze Systems President.  “Today it is all about speed to market, and the eNovator – BlazeLink – BlazeLIMS marriage gives the researcher a real productively boost in producing more results faster, and cataloging them for effective leveraging off the past work of others. That is something of which we are very proud, because good things are going to happen as a result.”

 “Through our collaborative relationship, KineMatik has web-enabled tools from Blaze that provide simple and intelligent interfacing to a variety of external systems.  KineMatik customers will benefit from seamless access to test data in LIMS, SDMS and instrumentation, along with the ability to issue test requests directly from an experiment.  This collaboration will provide best-in-class capabilities for both ELN technology and analytical systems in a single ELN solution, available from a single source,” stated Michael C. Price, Vice President of Sales for KineMatik.  “KineMatik realizes that seamless integration is key to ELN usability and as a focal point for all corporate data related to R&D, Intellectual Property and product development.”

About Blaze Systems
Blaze Systems Corporation was founded in 1992, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services in the laboratory informatics space, including a full featured and broadly used laboratory information management system (BlazeLIMS) for both the small and large enterprise, system integration middleware (BlazeLink) for a wide variety of systems including instruments, inventory management (BlazeInventory) for the lab or enterprise, shelf life study software (BlazeStability), and services for installation, training, and configuration assistance.  We deliver enterprise qualified LIMS products with a small company persona that is highly personal.  Our successful solutions and world-class services are the result of 20 years of experience in laboratory informatics.
About KineMatik
KineMatik was founded in 1999 as the leading global provider of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Quality Management System (QMS), Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS) and Project & Program Management (PPM) solutions based on industry standard software platforms including Open Text Content Server and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies. KineMatik, with our expert Ph.D. Scientific Advisors, helps people in industry, government and academic organizations operate collaboratively, manage their data efficiently and be productive in their daily tasks whether they are bench scientists, laboratory directors, project managers or quality and audit teams. KineMatik has been in business for over 13 years focused on helping make R&D organizations more efficient. For further information please visit us at