June 26, 2024 - 2:00 PM

Blind Betting Is Not a Strategy for Selecting a Lab Informatics System – Invest in an Assessment


Event Website: https://www.csolsinc.com/insights/webinars/blind-betting-is-not-a-strategy-for-selecting-a-lab-informatics-system-invest-in-an-assessment/

Event Overview:

Going with your gut or making a decision based on who or what you know are not the way lab informatics systems should be selected. The investment is too large to risk choosing poorly. Products and vendors should be chosen based upon your laboratory needs and by comparing your options rationally to determine the best fit.

A strategic assessment is sometimes seen as something that can be skipped to save time and money, and clients just dive right into the vendor selection. However, without it, how can will you know if the RFI responses and demos truly meet your needs? How do you know what parts of the system are configurable and what needs customization? What will developers use to build your system?

Too often, clients come to us to start the selection process over…with an assessment…because they were betting blindly on their software selection.

Attend this webinar to learn from their mistakes before you lay all your cards on the table. Ultimately, a strategic selection engagement will save your organization time and money because you’ll understand your needs and the abilities of various software to meet those needs.


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