Build A Dashboard To Track The Spread of Coronavirus Using Dash: Real-time view of globally confirmed, recovered and deaths coronavirus (COVID-19) cases

COVID-19 Global Cases Monitor

Last month, I published four posts to share with you my experience in using matplotlib. Benefit from its full control of elements on a given graph, matplotlib is deemed as a fundamental python library for data visualisation and used by many other libraries (e.g. seaborn and pandas) as plotting module. This is also why I think learning matplotlib is an essential part for being a practitioner in data science, which helps to build up in-depth understanding about logic behind data visualisation tools.

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Jun Ye
Australian Centre for Ecogenomics | Website

Jun is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics. Through his research, he attempts "to identify environmentally and biotechnologically important microbial communities using high-throughput DNA sequence data."

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