Disaster Recovery Plans for Your LIMS or ELN

Imagine…historic rainfalls flood your production facility and its lab, while knocking out power for miles around. Your analytical equipment is ruined. Your server is under water. Or, wildfires ignite suddenly after a lightning strike or car accident. The fires spread rapidly. Lab personnel have just enough time to escape with what they can carry. Your facility is burned to the ground. These are just two scenarios that have occurred in the last couple of years. And all of us have experienced a network failure or the dreaded blue screen of death at some point. System downtime is going to happen. You may even have a total loss on your hands in the future. How you plan for it is the key.

Do you know how to protect your LIMS or ELN in case of a catastrophic failure? It’s important to have a detailed plan in place in case a disaster happens.

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