Lab 4.0 – Building the Digital Lab of the Future

Digital technology is becoming essential for businesses across all industries. But in many ways, quality assurance (QA) laboratories — whether they are in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, environmental science or any number of other fields—are still operating with the kind of technology that was around in the 1990s. It’s time to step into the future.


In keeping with the theme for the upcoming Analytica conference in Munich, Lab 4.0: digital laboratory for greater efficiency, we want to re-share our recent white paper; Building the QA Lab of the Future


For those who are new to the Lab 4.0 concept it is marked by innovative automation concepts and digitalisation in the laboratory.


Subsequently vendors and service providers to laboratories are challenged to be equally innovative to support this digital transformation. Hence why at OnQ Software we created this white paper to highlight our commitment to innovation and our knowledge of what is required from an informatics side to enable digitalisation and Lab 4.0.


Learn more and download the white paper!