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Library of Available Courses

Learn about all kinds of subjects related to laboratories and informatics with these courses. You'll find a mix of courses put together by users of the site as well as site administrators, typically featuring original content. You'll also find a few select open-access courses created by universities and non-profits, imported into our library manually.

Note: You can filter courses by category by clicking a category at top. You can also search for courses by keyword (looking within the course description) using the search bar.
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Create a New Course

Write and design a course overview describing the content of your new LabCourse.

Add Lessons to a Course

Lessons group related course information like chapters in a book. You can choose to put the bulk of your content into a lesson. For lessons with significant amounts of content, optionally use the lesson to provide an overview, and then add your main content to related topics.

Add Topics to a Lesson

Topics are 100 percent optional. Some lessons contain more content than others, requiring the division of the lesson into smaller bite-size chunks. If that's the case, then use topics to accomplish that.

Design Quizzes

Add knowledge checks to help users apply what they've learned. Quizzes can be attached to both lessons and topics. Questions are attached directly to quizzes.

Registered Courses

These are the courses you've registered to take. A green box with a white checkmark indicates the course has been completed in full. If you're not sure what portion of a course hasn't been completed, click the arrow to the left of the course name to see more details. [ld_profile]

Edit and Manage Your LabCourses

This is where you can easily keep track of all the course-related material you've created in one location. Easily view and edit the courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and questions you've created. Use the drop-down boxes under each table to filter the contents further.