November 17, 2020
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 18, Issue 46


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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics: 2020 Edition

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11/17/2020 - Experience a Patient's Journey throughout the Enterprise

Integrated or standalone, Sunquest solutions extend throughout the laboratory, augmenting integration between or across systems and expanding your abilities with added connectivity, precision medicine, or laboratory and pathology depth. In a series of videos, let’s follow patient Bob through his care journey, and learn why Sunquest is the One delivering Labs to new heights – driving better patient outcomes and return on investment. [SEE BOB’S JOURNEY]

11/17/2020 - Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM Increases Data Acquisition Speed, Simplicity for Materials Micro-Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific today unveiled the Thermo Scientific Axia ChemiSEM, a cost-effective, floor-model scanning electron microscope (SEM) that takes materials micro-structural analysis and defect discovery to a new level of speed and simplicity.

11/17/2020 - Setting Up and Managing COVID and Other Public Health Risk Testing in the Workplace

Setting Up and Managing COVID and Other Public Health Risk Testing in the Workplace

There is nothing people want more right now than a return to normal. By this time most of us have had enough of this surreal “new normal” where masked people tread carefully amongst each other, avoiding nearness, spraying down surfaces, using hand sanitizer, avoiding theaters, indoor restaurants, bars, and concerts, working from home and becoming far more familiar with Zoom than they ever...

[Read More]

11/17/2020 - Lab Informatics Case Study: Informatics Roadmap for a Global Biotechnology Company

A global biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing treatments for people living with rare metabolic diseases maintained R&D facilities around the world and had plans to develop manufacturing facilities in the near future. The organization engaged in collaborations with Universities and worked with clinical research organizations (CROs) in the testing and analysis of samples. The company had been managing its scientific data with an ELN and a variety of paper/Excel based processes and recognized the need for a long-term R&D Informatics Strategy and Roadmap aligned with the needs of their R&D activities. [Read More]

11/17/2020 - Astrix Technology Group Podcast – The Digital Transformation of the Lab

Advances in the digital transformation of scientific labs are occurring so fast that it’s hard to keep up—as if COVID-19 hasn’t given labs enough to keep up with already. But when you consider how much these advances help researchers improve efficiencies, tap into higher-quality data and, ultimately, accelerate the launch of game-changing developments, it becomes clear that laboratories can’t afford to fall behind.  [Read More]
 Journal Articles

11/02/2020 - Definitions, components and processes of data harmonization in healthcare: A scoping review

In this 2020 review article published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, Schmidt et al. detail the state of healthcare data harmonization (DH) literature, analyze commonalities among various DH terms, and determine "the causal relationship between DH and health management decision-making." Noting the value of organizing and integrating healthcare data in order to strengthen many aspects of how the healthcare system runs, the authors lay out the methodology and results of their scoping review of the topic. The group had three primary objectives: identifying the key components and processes of healthcare DH, synthesizing the various related definitions of DH, and documenting relationships between DH interventions and healthcare management decision-making. They conclude that "health information exchange" is the most commonly used term among seven key terms, and that there are nine vital characteristics to making DH work well. They also add that DH, when conducted well, positively contributes to clinic, operational, and population surveillance decision-making in healthcare settings.

Biospecimen Research Methods

This is an advanced University of British Columbia-created course that is released on the edX platform. The scheduled six-week course is designed to help learners to better understand 'international best practices for biobanking and research involving human biospecimens, based on National Cancer Institute (NCI) and International Society of Biological Environmental Repositories standards (ISBER)." The course is $99 and presumably comes with a certificate of completion. The course requires on average four to five hours a week of effort. Access to the class begins September 22, 2020.
 Upcoming Webinars

11/19/2020 - Webinar - The Secrets of Successful LIMS Configuration

12/02/2020 - CSols Webinar: LabWare LIMS User Experience: 5 Quick Wins

12/16/2020 - Astrix Webinar – Leveraging Waters Empower 3 CDS Calculations to Assure Data Integrity in your Chromatography Lab

 Featured Discussions

10/21/2020 - Regulatory compliance expectations for LIMS applications in the modern world

09/21/2020 - Staffing a new LIMS system effectively

09/14/2020 - Instrument Integration with LIMS

08/27/2020 - Best Software For Pathology Lab Management System

07/24/2020 - Electronic Lab Notebook

05/20/2020 - Do LIMS System providers have interest incorporating Sensory Evaluation Analysis and Testing as part of their LIMS software suites?

 Other News

11/17/2020 - QIAGEN launches portable digital SARS-CoV-2 antigen test that can accurately analyze over 30 samples per hour

11/17/2020 - Dotmatics collaborates with LabVoice to enable voice-assisted laboratory workflows

 Bid Opportunities

11/19/2020 - Request for Proposal: Electronic Health Record

11/30/2020 - Request for Proposal: Utah Department of Agricluture and Food for Laboratory Information Management System for their Lab

11/30/2020 - Request for Information: Centralized National Reporting Mechanism for COVID-19 Laboratory Tests Results and Other Reportable Conditions, United States

12/01/2020 - Request to Participate: Supply, Delivery, Implementation, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of NPHL (National Public Health Laboratory) LIS (Laboratory Information System)

12/07/2020 - Invitation to Tender: Toxicology Testing Equipment and LIMS Software for Drug Driving in the UK

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