August 25, 2021
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 19, Issue 34


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LIMSjournal - Laboratory Technology Special Edition

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08/25/2021 - No Code Development Platform Approaches to LIMS Configuration

In previous blogs we have looked at the differences between Configuration and Customization. In this blog we discuss Autoscribe Informatics’ approach to configuration using a No-Code Development Platform (NCDP), and why NCDP provides advantages over traditional approaches to LIMS configuration.

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08/25/2021 - Quality 4.0 & Digitization – Key Consideration for the Life Sciences Industry

The advances in technology in the past decade have resulted in a new industrial revolution. This is frequently referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0.” The revolution is being driven by the exponential growth of disruptive technologies and... [Read More]

08/25/2021 - Are You Using Your LIMS Effectively?

Measuring LIMS ROIIt’s simply a fact that while many laboratories have a laboratory information management system (LIMS), many simply do not use their LIMS to its fullest capacity and value – and in many cases, only a fraction of functionality is utilized. Typically, a LIMS selection process includes defining the requirements for the LIMS within the lab... [Read More]

08/25/2021 - QLIMS 2021 Starter Pack Promotion

Do you need a LIMS which does not cost a fortune and take months to implement? QLIMS is a real SaaS LIMS reduced to only EURO 9.995 per year. Valid until 15th of December 2021.

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08/25/2021 - From Good to Great: The Evolving Journey of STARLIMS

The past 5 years have been busy for STARLIMS. Being one of the global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) leaders in the market for over 3 decades, its evolving journey has picked up the pace. Back in 2016, STARLIMS set out on the journey from good to great, together with a tremendous amount of diverse and great customers globally.

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08/25/2021 - Matrix Covid LIMS Provides Fast Start for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories

Covid ScreenAutoscribe Informatics has announced the release of a LIMS specifically optimized for Covid testing. The Matrix Covid LIMS is pre-configured for fast deployment into laboratories performing Covid testing.

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 Journal Articles

08/16/2021 - Development of a core competency framework for clinical informatics

Clinical informatics continues to be a vital component for helping to ensure quality clinical outcomes for patients. But what of those who must learn about clinical informatics and what it entails? What of its core competencies for learning? Davies et al. explore this topic in the scope of the United Kingdom and the NHS, noting that no national core competency framework for clinical informatics exists in that country. The authors provide an introduction to clinical informatics and a background review of building their Core Competencies Project in an attempt to develop a U.K.-based competency framework. Their methods—heavily leaning on interviews and a survey—are then described, along with the resulting final competency framework. After a discussion of their results and their limitations, the authors conclude that their mixed-methods approach allowed them to "take a systematic and structured approach to co-designing the framework with no major issues," adding that the "combination of qualitative and quantitative methods contributed to the robustness of the final output." However, the application of the framework still requires professional considerations and attentiveness to the needs of all stakeholders to ensure it's not too unwieldy, which can lead to knowledge "burnout."

 Featured Jobs

1 day ago - Software Developer

Semaphore Solutions - Victoria, BC or Remote, British Columbia V8W 1C4

About Semaphore Founded by software industry experts, Semaphore is the leading global provider of software solutions for high throughput and high complexity molecular diagnostic laboratories. Our...

1 week ago - Project Manager

Kalleid - Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Kalleid is looking for a Project Manager to join our team!Kalleid, Inc. is a boutique laboratory IT consulting firm that has served the scientific community...

3 weeks ago - Quality Control Engineer

LabLynx, Inc. - Smyrna, Georgia 30080

LabLynx is looking for a QC Engineer to join our team! LabLynx, Inc. is a Smyrna-based software development and sales company that puts today's most pressing...

3 weeks ago - Administrative Assistant to Sales Manager

LabLynx, Inc. - Smyrna, Georgia 30080

LabLynx is looking for an Administrative Assitant to the Sales Manager to join our team!LabLynx, Inc. is a Smyrna-based software development and sales company that...

3 weeks ago - AUS/NZ Based Senior Full Stack Developer

LabLynx, Inc. - New Zealand / Australia, New Zealand 5012

  LabLynx is looking for an AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND BASED SENIOR DEVELOPER to join our team! LabLynx, Inc. is a Smyrna-based software development and...


Health Informatics for Better and Safer Healthcare

This is an IsraelX-created course that is released on the edX platform. The introductory eight-week course is designed to help learners "to bridge the current gaps in health informatics education and introduce the major aspects of the field to novice and advanced clinical and technical audiences." The course is free to take. A verified certificate of completion, via a Verified track from IsrealX, is available afterwards for $49 USD. (Note that the Audit track expires September 20, 2021.)

 Upcoming Webinars

09/09/2021 - Webinar: LIMS - Using Environmental Monitoring To Ensure Sterile Manufacturing Conditions

09/14/2021 - Webinar: The era of data analytics: What it takes to succeed beyond the hype

09/27/2021 - Command and Control the Life Science R&D Lab

11/09/2021 - Webinar: Leveraging Data Analytics to Streamline and Optimize Digital Image Management

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08/24/2021 - Are These the Right Vendors for Our Project?


07/21/2021 - Best EHR Software for School?

07/07/2021 - Client looking to acquire a major LIS/LIMS platform

 Bid Opportunities

08/26/2021 - Request for Tender: Provision of a Middleware Software and the Perspective Interface and Maintenance for Clinical Laboratory

09/01/2021 - Request for Proposal: Local Support Services (Mauritius) for the Laboratory Information Management System

09/10/2021 - Request for Information: Forensic Laboratory Information Management System

09/14/2021 - Request for Proposal: Organizational Change Management for LIMS Replacement Project

09/15/2021 - Preliminary Market Consultation: Supply of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) - Malta

09/17/2021 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Software System for Histocompatibility Lab

09/17/2021 - Request for Tender: COTS Laboratory Information Management System for DAERA

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