Development of a core competency framework for clinical informatics

Clinical informatics continues to be a vital component for helping to ensure quality clinical outcomes for patients. But what of those who must learn about clinical informatics and what it entails? What of its core competencies for learning? Davies et al. explore this topic in the scope of the United Kingdom and the NHS, noting that no national core competency framework for clinical informatics exists in that country. The authors provide an introduction to clinical informatics and a background review of building their Core Competencies Project in an attempt to develop a U.K.-based competency framework. Their methods—heavily leaning on interviews and a survey—are then described, along with the resulting final competency framework. After a discussion of their results and their limitations, the authors conclude that their mixed-methods approach allowed them to “take a systematic and structured approach to co-designing the framework with no major issues,” adding that the “combination of qualitative and quantitative methods contributed to the robustness of the final output.” However, the application of the framework still requires professional considerations and attentiveness to the needs of all stakeholders to ensure it’s not too unwieldy, which can lead to knowledge “burnout.”

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