Laboratory Relocation Best Practices

The pace of change in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries means that most companies eventually must face the daunting task of relocating their laboratories. Whether due to mergers, acquisitions, funding changes or simply organic growth, a laboratory relocation is an extraordinarily complex undertaking that will impact your laboratory’s scientists, research and business goals.

A laboratory relocation involves moving high-end analytical instrumentation, hazardous materials, products and samples, and sometimes even live animals. It will require shutting down laboratory equipment, along with safely packing and shipping instruments, samples, materials, devices, computer hardware and potentially data to the new location. Once all necessary items have been moved to the new location, they will need to be unpacked and equipment will need to be requalification and/or validated.

Whether you are moving your lab across the hall, street or country, a laboratory relocation is never a routine exercise. The reality is that no two laboratories are alike – each will have a set of unique challenges that will need to be addressed with care. In this blog, we will discuss critical best practices that should be followed in all cases in order to make sure your laboratory relocation is a smooth, safe and efficient process that minimizes downtime and disruption for your business.

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