LIMS and ELN Planning – DON’Ts (and what to do instead)

“Getting” a LIMS or ELN is a much more complicated and lengthy journey than many organizations expect.  For many labs, just defining requirements and refining a vendor short list can be a months-long endeavor, but there is much farther to travel after selecting your preferred LIMS or ELN product.  Many clients envision an efficient, automated lab that runs on a shiny new LIMS or ELN, but we often see expensive software systems fail to live up to these expectations.  LIMS or ELN licenses alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and at that price, how could they not perform as promised?!

This blog post examines the LIMS and ELN Implementation Planning part of the journey and highlights some common problems to avoid as you traverse the road to your laboratory informatics destination.

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