LIMS Master Data Best Practices Part 2: Extrapolation of Master Data from Your Current Records

As we mentioned in part 1 of our LIMS Master Data Best Practices series, master data is the core information that needs to be in place in the system in order for a LIMS to function as intended. It’s essential for all parts of the organization to agree on both the meaning and usage of master data. As such, effective master data configuration is critical to the success of any LIMS implementation and migration, not to mention your organization as a whole.

Developers configuring master data in a new LIMS will need to determine what master data fields are needed and where to put them in the system. In order to do this, relevant business process workflows and data points must be identified and properly mapped in the system. In this part 2 blog of our Master Data Best Practices series, we will detail best practices for identifying and mapping your LIMS master data, along with an effective methodology to ensure your mapping exercise maximizes business value for your organization.

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