LIMS Master Data Best Practices Part 3: Maintenance and Scalability

Master data design has very important impacts over the lifecycle of a LIMS, as nearly every piece of functionality in the system revolves around the design of the master data. One of the most important aspects to any LIMS implementation is designing the master data so that it is easy to maintain and scale as the organization grows and business needs change. Some of the key benefits of configuring your master data to be maintainable and scalable include:

  • Easier to add and/or modify master data down the road
  • Increased system efficiency and reliability
  • Future system enhancements are less resource intensive
  • Better management for large volumes of data
  • Increased user acceptance
  • Increased ROI

In short, focusing on maintainability and scalability when configuring your master data really helps improve the lifespan and usability of your LIMS. In this blog, we will provide some best practice tips on how to set up master data so it will be easy to maintain and scale as your organization grows and the system matures.

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