Meeting Modern Data Integrity and Compliance Requirements

Data Integrity is Everyone’s Responsibility

Make it the business of everyone in the company to understand the importance of maintaining data integrity and highlight potential failings in procedures, data management and security. It’s then less likely that inadequate processes will go un-noticed, or that staff will cut corners. This approach will ultimately be less costly than having to implement remediation.

An Infrastructure to support laboratory compliance throughout the product lifecycle

Abbott Informatics has developed its STARLIMS laboratory informatics management system (LIMS) as a configurable, enterprise-wide cGMP and GCP compliance-featured data management infrastructure that underpins all laboratory data collection, management and reporting across R&D, clinical and manufacturing sectors. Designed to handle complex workflows and processes, the platform ensures that validated protocols for processes and data acquisition and management are followed for all procedures in manufacturing, quality control and clinical research laboratories.

STARLIMS is designed to support ALCOA obligations and facilitate process standardization. The platform interfaces with enterprise systems and integrates with analytical and measurement instrumentation to automate data collection, archiving and reporting, and minimize the possibility of unintentional transcription errors or loss of data from paper-based recording.

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