New edition of the LIMSkit released.

New edition of the LIMSkit released.  Download
your free copy and stay current with all future updates

ATLANTA, GA, March 17, 2009: A new update for
the LIMSkit, a wildly popular (free) resource for the laboratory
industry has now been made timeless. Anyone who downloads the LIMSkit
at now only needs to do it
once, as all future updates will be automatically incorporated and accessible.
This advance comes at a perfect time, as it also incorporates significant
new information, demonstrations, LIMS development tools, career resources and
tons of other valuable resource for all stakeholders in the laboratory
industry.  The LIMSkit is useful to LIMS users, administrators, developers,
and LIMS vendors and consultants alike.  LabLynx encourages all of
these stakeholders to download the LIMSkit and start making use of this
valuable resource.

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