NOVEMBER 21, 2017, 16:00 (GMT +01:00): Stop Drowning in Paper! How Laboratory Information Management Systems Can Aid in your Data Integrity

Manual processes created to ensure Data Integrity are onerous by placing large paperwork overheads on analysts. Working with hybrid systems forces laboratories to manage two incompatible media formats: paper and electronic records. This presentation will show you how a laboratory information management system (LIMS) can facilitate automation of your processes whilst ensuring the highest standard of Data Integrity. If a process is automated, validated, and transparent, it not only becomes more user-friendly – it also makes it easy for regulators to conduct audits.        

Attend this webinar to learn more about: 

  • How a Laboratory Information Management System can aid your compliance
  • How a LIMS can support your organization on saving time and money
  • How STARLIMS can enhance the value of your data
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