Pre-Solicitation Notice – Laboratory Information Management System

Presolilcitation Notice – Furnish all required services to install Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS Support for Pine Bluff Arsenal

Solicitation No.  W911RP-14-R-0003

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The Contracting Division, Pine Bluff Arsenal, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, has a requirement for Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software support to provide services In Accordance With (IAW) Statement of Work for (LIMS) support dated 13 August 2012. The Software will be utilized to collect, store, manipulate and report both laboratory data and electronic field data. The laboratory data is generated in three separate buildings. The electronic field data is generated by a pH Controller System within driving distance of the laboratory. The LIMS software will run on a LIMS Server [government-furnished equipment (GFE)] which will be located at a site external to the laboratory. This location will be climate-controlled, possess a backup power generator and fiber-optic communication services. The LIMS Server will run Windows Server 2008 SP2 (64 bit) or better (may or may not be R2), and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or better (both GFE). The LIMS Client Personal Computers [PCs] will run Windows 7 SP1 or better. The LIMS purchased with this contract will replace the existing LIMS system, and no data migration is required.  Solicitation will be issued on or after 27 Jan 14 with a closing date of 27 Mar 2014.