Psyche Systems Announces Molecular Information Management Solution (MIMS)

MILFORD, Mass., Oct. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Psyche Systems Corporation has released NucleoLIS specifically built in collaboration with our molecular and cytogenetic customers. You can now streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of Molecular testing. NucleoLIS is a fully automated solution for PCR, Immunology, FISH, Karyotyping and DNA sequencing designed to support workflow, deviations, reflexing and the complex reporting requirements of the Molecular lab.

Molecular intricacies are made simple through automation.

“One great thing about this solution is that it uses Genetics/Cytogenetics as a starting point, instead of a system that starts somewhere else and requires modification to fit our needs. Sometimes those modifications fall short,” says Reed Chamberlin CG(ASCP), Laboratory Director, Genetics Associates, Incorporated.

Featuring the ability to build libraries quickly and easily to support the creation of customizable tables for result reports as well as logic that can be applied for range checking and reflex testing automatically when defined results are applied to a test.

Leighann Sheffield DLM(ASCP), CG(ASCP), Laboratory Manager, says, “For those who have multiple clients with multiple referring physicians, this system is wonderful.  It allows for not only hard copy reports to be printed and/or faxed, but it also allows for distribution utilizing Outreach or secure email. These multiple reporting options ensure that the distribution needs of any client can be satisfied with the stroke of a key.” She goes on to state, “Unlike many systems whose report formats are static or very limited to change, this system allows for very creative report formatting.  If you can envision it, you can format it.  It is obvious that this is a system created for cytogenetics by cytogeneticists.  Awesome idea!  Thanks!”

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