Request for Proposal_Laboratory Informatics Efficiencies Tool Kit

APHL is seeking qualified respondents to develop an online system for data capture and visualization tool through the launch of the LEI self assessment tool Request for Proposal.

The primary objective of this project is to create an online version of the current LEI tool and allow for some data visualization of the results, both interim and final. The successful approach would take the following objectives into mind:

  1. This online tool will allow laboratories to access and complete the self-assessment for their organization as a whole or for specific lab sections/branches.
  2. The successful approach will also allow users to download and print all or pieces of their assessment for internal use and tracking.
  3. This tool will give end users a suite of data visualization tools to view their local data in a variety of ways. This includes showing a visual representation across the 19 capability areas, or comparing a specific lab sections assessment to another. During this short project, APHL is open to a phased approach to how visualization is handled, but it is pertinent that it be included to the extent the budget allows.
  4. The tool will allow APHL to access data from any/all assessments that are completed as well as access to some of the same visualization tools as the end user to identify national trends, limiting the need for future surveys.

All Responses are due to APHL by 5pm EST on January 13th 2013.

If you are interested in receiving the official RFP document and supporting information directly from APHL, please email Michelle Meigs at

If you would like to download the RFP, please visit APHLs LEI Informatics webpage and see the RFP announcement- this