Semaphore Webinar: March 15th, 2023 – Semaphore Solutions presents “Clarity LIMS Office Hours”

Are you building a custom workflow and have questions not covered in the documentation or forums? Would you like to talk with leading industry experts in Illumina’s Clarity LIMS?

Semaphore Solutions’ Dr. Mark Luszniak and Katharine Kaye are leading subject matter experts translating complex laboratory workflows into Clarity LIMS. Mark and Katharine have worked cumulatively with hundreds of clients and have respectively 16 and 7 years of experience with Clarity LIMS.

If you’re stuck on a tough question or would simply like to come and participate in the discussion, please join us 1PM PST March 15, 2023 via a Zoom Call.

The agenda will consist of:

  • A discussion of integrating common instruments
  • Open floor ‘question and answer’ discussion for participants
  • Call for topics for future Office Hours sessions

About Semaphore Solutions:

We implement new assays, optimize existing assays, integrate instruments and business systems, and automate workflows. We also build custom applications to solve specific lab challenges such as automated sample accessioning and streamlined report sign-out. Our highly flexible service delivery ranges from one-time projects to ongoing support, ensuring a lab’s LIMS implementation consistently delivers business value through improving lab efficiency and quality.

Founded in 2010 Semaphore Solutions has over 200,000 hours of experience implementing Clarity LIMS for a wide variety of innovative laboratories and industry leaders who are advancing the adoption of NGS into everyday healthcare.

We are Illumina’s Clarity LIMS Implementation Partner.

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