STARLIMS and Tefen Introduce Advanced Resource Planning and Scheduling Software for Laboratories

STARLIMS Corporation, a leading global vendor of LIMS (laboratory information management systems), and Tefen Operations Management Consulting, are pleased to introduce the STARLIMS Resource Planner and Scheduler, a new module designed to optimize laboratory resource utilization and operational performance. STARLIMS Resource Planner and Scheduler leverages STARLIMS Corp.’s 20-year track record of LIMS-only development, and the resource planning expertise of Tefen, an international operations management consulting firm with 20 years of expertise serving Fortune 500 companies.

Bringing Top-tier Operations Management Expertise into the Lab

“Leveraging decades of expertise at Tefen and STARLIMS, we have developed a much-needed solution to serve the needs of dynamic and multidisciplinary labs,” said Jeff Ferguson COO at STARLIMS Corp. “We are very happy to bring our customer base a best-of-breed solution purposely designed to enhance performance, optimize resource utilization and help ensure regulatory compliance.”

Effective Decision-making Tools for Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency

The STARLIMS Resource Planner and Scheduler helps improve turnaround time, service levels and analyst efficiency, by giving managers the real-time information they need for effective and timely decision-making. Standardized for planning and budgeting across multiple lab operations, the STARLIMS Planner and Scheduler can perform “what if” analyses of various operational scenarios. It facilitates ongoing assessment of performance against known best practices, thanks to a graphical user interface and easy-to-use executive dashboard.

Simultaneous Introduction to US and European Markets

The new module will be presented at the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium Meeting, to be hosted by Genzyme and Tefen in Geel, Belgium on March 16, 2006. At the same time, it will be shown during PITTCON 2006 (March 13-16, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida).

A Powerful Tool to Manage Increasingly Complex Laboratories

Rapidly evolving technologies and growing regulatory requirements are making laboratories increasingly complex environments to manage. This is true for practically all labs in all industries: pharmaceutical, biotech, public health, petrochemicals, chemicals, food and beverages, etc. “Despite this growing complexity, existing LIMS and ERP systems do not provide all the information managers need, at the required resolution levels. Laboratories managing sizable budgets are still planning and controlling their operations using manual systems or simple spreadsheets,” said Amir London, Partner at Tefen. “This module represents an important step forward in automation of lab processes to meet the requirements of the 21st century.”

STARLIMS Resource Planner and Scheduler: An Integrated Solution

Entirely web-based and featuring an exceptionally rich user experience, the new solution is an integral part of STARLIMS’s advanced LIMS—eliminating the inefficiencies of running separate LIMS and planning systems. The STARLIMS Planner and Scheduler can also be implemented as a standalone module linked with legacy LIMS or ERP systems.

About Tefen

Tefen is an international operations management consulting firm, with over twenty years of experience serving Fortune 500 clients worldwide. Tefen designs and implements solutions that enhance operational performance throughout the organization, across different industries and sectors.  For more information visit .

About STARLIMS Corporation

Leveraging almost 20 years of R&D efforts focused solely on laboratory information management systems (LIMS), STARLIMS offers the most powerful and flexible commercial off-the-shelf LIMS on the market. Leading organizations in multiple industries use STARLIMS solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline laboratory processes. For more information, see .