Supporting Life Science IT with Laboratory Informatics as a Service

Modern Life Science laboratories typically utilize many different applications and legacy systems to manage their workflows and data, but unfortunately, there is often very little integration between these systems. As such, managing all the IT dependencies in these modern labs is a significant undertaking.

Today’s Life Science IT professionals need to be both knowledgeable across scientific domains and experts at the informatics. The reality is that creating the necessary integrated laboratory ecosystem and the subsequent support, maintenance, and extension of it is such a significant undertaking that only large companies with sufficient budget and resources have been able to attempt it.

With the rate of data generation increasing exponentially in Life Science R&D laboratories, there has never been a time when laboratories are so tightly coupled to informatics systems and scientists so dependent on IT. In this challenging environment, IT professionals often get bogged down in supporting current infrastructure instead of developing and maintaining strategic roadmaps to be ready for future demand. In order to future-proof your lab, a third-party informatics vendor with industry experience and expertise in laboratory informatics systems can be a valuable partner to your organization by providing Laboratory Informatics as a Service (LIaaS).

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