US Air Force Petroleum Office Centralizes Control with STARLIMS

Hollywood, Florida March 8, 2005, STARLIMS Corporation, the leading global provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems, (LIMS), today confirmed selection by the US Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET), as a replacement for their legacy LIMS system. This latest announcement was made at the STARLIMS User Group Meeting held in Orlando, FL. earlier this month.

The US Air Force Petroleum Office provides operations and maintenance guidance; technical, scientific and engineering support to Air Force installations and the fuels community worldwide.  The Air Force has established ongoing priorities to provide continuing support to contingency and war fighting operations, create a plan of attack to resolve fuel quality issues and transform the Air Force into a service control point that is responsive to customers and strategically focused to deliver state of the art support.  This includes world wide quality support to over 200 locations using six area laboratories (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; Cape Canaveral, FL; Vandenberg AFB, CA; Mildenhall Air Base, United Kingdom; Kadena Air Base, Japan; and Al-Udeid Air Base, Qatar).   

“The current reshaping of the Air Force from a “cold war” stationary deterrent force to a mobile, rapid deployment force has greatly changed the way Air Force entities conduct business.  The US Air Force’s current legacy LIMS system will not support its deployable mission requirements nor will it provide timely, worldwide customer access to critical analysis results.  The Air Force is excited to be partnering with STARLIMS and adapting their new Version 10 software to provide a fully functional LIMS system which supports a worldwide customer and laboratory structure and a deployed laboratory asset, all with centrally controlled architecture.” commented Jeffrey Allen from the Air Force Petroleum Office.

STARLIMS Version 10 unveiled at the recent STARLIMS User Group Meeting in Orlando FL, is a true distributed application with an extensible design capable of supporting a virtually unlimited number of users connecting to the system via a local network or Internet. From the end-user perspective STARLIMS Version 10 is a web application, running inside the Internet Explorer browser and offering a user experience far more advanced than any other available web application on the market.  The most advanced software technology is employed comprising Microsoft .NET platform, XML UIs, and Web Services, together with our widely distributed LIMS application server. This technical infrastructure is powered by proven LIMS business-logic and perfected by more than 15 years of experience by STARLIMS Corp. analysts and engineers.

“STARLIMS is proud to be employing its extensive knowledge of LIMS in the petroleum sector to fulfill the US Air Force’s vision of providing worldwide laboratory information management support.” stated Isaac Friedman, president & CEO of STARLIMS Corporation.

About The Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET)

The US Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET) provides operations and maintenance guidance; technical, scientific and engineering support to Air Force installations and the fuels community worldwide.  AFPET develops professional quality assurance and surveillance standards and specifications, Establishes specialized capabilities in petroleum, propellants, cryogenics, chemicals and gases for all aerospace vehicles, systems and equipment for the warfighter.

About STARLIMS Corporation

STARLIMS Corporation delivers cost effective, easy-to-use collaborative LIMS solutions to organizations in the public health, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, forensics, food & beverage, environmental and chemical industries. Full featured and highly flexible our multilingual laboratory information management system provides complete traceability leading to regulatory compliance, without compromising process versatility.

A 15 year track record has earned us recognition for “future proofing” our customers’ investments and serving as a platform for new implementations and straightforward conversions of legacy systems. To learn more about STARLIMS please visit us at