Using ETL Tools for LIMS Data Migration

For today’s scientific organizations, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) is necessary tool for effective data management in the laboratory. For many reasons, companies often find themselves in a situation where it is advantageous to upgrade the laboratory environment by migrating data from legacy systems into a new or even existing LIMS.  A LIMS data migration project will often involve the use of ETL technology to assist.

Migrating data to a LIMS can be a challenging endeavor, however. Companies often have years of historical data and knowledge stored in their existing LIMS that must be migrated over to the chosen system. Depending on the amount and complexity of the data sources in the legacy system(s), as well as the complexity of the new LIMS, the data migration can require much time and labor. Unless the project team does proper planning and execution, the migration process can end up being the cause of major project delays.


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