A model for design and implementation of a laboratory information management system specific to molecular pathology laboratory operations

In this 2022 paper published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, the Molecular Pathology Section of Cleveland Clinic describes its collaboration with Semaphore Solutions in order to customize a laboratory information management system and other tools to meet the needs of Cleveland Clinic’s molecular pathology department. The authors first describe their goals, technology approach, and software approach within the framework of project development and management, including validation steps. They then provide details about how their implementation affected their work. They conclude that “a significant amount of customized software engineering” was required to get a system that met their needs, as was a Scrum-based development approach, “which may be emulated for scalable and cost-effective laboratory-authored software.” They also add that “[a]n important lesson learned in executing the LIMS project was the concept of a minimally viable product (MVP).”

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