A survival guide for the rapid transition to a fully digital workflow: The Caltagirone example

Back in December we posted an article by Fraggetta et al. on recommended best practices when implementing a digital pathology workflow. However, a month before that article was published in the journal Diagnostics, Fragetta and a different group of authors published a paper on digital pathology implementation, from the perspective of implementing it in the Gravina Hospital system in Sicily. This paper examines the hospital’s transition step by step, demonstrating “the digital transition of analog, non-tracked pathology laboratories” to an improved digital workflow. After describing the hospital’s prior situation and explaining their methods, the authors discuss the results of their implementation in detail, from initial accessioning to final archiving. After a lengthy discussion, the authors conclude that “following the step-by-step instructions, the implementation of a paperless routine with more standardized and safe processes, the possibility to manage the priority of the cases and to implement AI-based tools is no more a utopia for every analog pathology department.”

Please to read the entire article.