A view of programming scalable data analysis: From clouds to exascale

From bioinformatics applications to social media research, the volume and velocity of data to manage continues to grow. Analysis of this massive faucet of data requires new ways of thinking, including new software, hardware, and programming tools. In this 2019 paper published in Journal of Cloud Computing, Domenico Talia of the University of Calabria in Italy presents a detailed look at exascale computing systems as a way to manage and analyze this river of data, including the use of cloud computing platforms and exascale programming systems. After a thorough discussion, the author concludes that while “loud-based solutions for big data analysis tools and systems are in an advanced phase both on the research and the commercial sides,” more work remains in the form of finding solutions to a number of design challenges, including on the data mining side of algorithms.

Please to read the entire article.

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