Academic-industry partnership advancing cannabis science: The Complementary Care Practice-Based Research Network

In this 2022 paper published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Ennis et al. discuss the development of a practice-based research network in order to improve the state of understanding of Cannabis science in the state of Florida, as well as promote future clinical research related to the plant. The authors developed this research network after noting a dearth of such medical marijuana-focused research networks in the state. After providing an introduction, they walk through the steps that led to their Complementary Care Practice-Based Research Network (CC-PBRN), including the methods used in producing usable, de-identified data for research. The authors then summarize the results and address three major challenges in negotiating the “differing foci of academic and business organizations” in developing the network. After noting the strengths and limitations of their network, they conclude that “[t]he data generated by the CC-PBRN can be used to inform and guide patient-centered care, clinical decision-making, and health policy decisions” for medical marijuana patients in Florida.

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