Advancing laboratory medicine in hospitals through health information exchange: A survey of specialist physicians in Canada

This February 2020 paper published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making examines the state of health information exchange in Québec and other parts of Canada and how its application to laboratory medicine might be improved. In particular, laboratory information exchange (LIE) systems that “improve the reliability of the laboratory testing process” and integrate “with other clinical information systems (CISs) physicians use in hospitals” are examined in this work. Surveying hospital-based specialist physicians, Raymond et al. paint a picture of how varying clinical information management solutions are used, what functionality is being used and not used, and how physicians view the potential benefits of the clinical systems they use. They conclude that there is very much a “complementary nature” between systems and that “system designers should take a step back to imagine a way to design systems as part of an interconnected network of features.”

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