An automated dashboard to improve laboratory COVID-19 diagnostics management

In this 2021 paper published in the journal Frontiers in Digital Health, Maury et al. of University of Lausanne and Lausanne University Hospital describe their process of developing a COVID-19 dashboard for improving their health care efforts. Noting the usefulness of rapidly gathering, integrating, and using data during epidemics, the authors decided to pull information from their laboratory information system (LIS), as well as other systems, and try to streamline COVID-19 care. After describing their reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) workflows and information systems, they discuss their dashboard—developed in R Shiny—and how its various components aided in their hospital system’s goals. The authors conclude that a “dashboard promises the potential gain of time and productivity in a public hospital context, where the resources are scarce and the staff is under the day-to-day task pressure.”

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