Best practice recommendations for the implementation of a digital pathology workflow in the anatomic pathology laboratory by the European Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology (ESDIP)

The implementation of digital pathology workflows has seen an uptick in interest in recent years, though as Fraggetta et al. point out in this 2021 journal article, only a minority of pathology laboratories have fully embraced these workflows. Wanting to increase the adoption rate of digital pathology, the authors present their experiences with digital pathology and focus on four critical considerations to improve adoption rates. After presenting a brief introduction to digital pathology, the authors discuss various aspects of involvement, optimization, and automation required to get digital pathology projects initially started. They then commit a significant portion of their paper to discussing the quality control program that must be implemented as part of a digital pathology workflow. They also address whole slide imaging and its validation, as well as retention policies, results evaluation, and the necessary maintenance of workflows after implementation. They conclude with 10 basic principles (classified as recommendations or suggestions) to address when transitioning from “a classic, ‘analog’ to a completely digital workflow,” adding that ” the present document represents a practical, handy reference for the correct implementation of a digital workflow in Europe.”

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