What is the cost of a LIMS?

How much should you realistically expect to pay for a LIMS and what are the important factors to consider? When laboratories start thinking about a laboratory information management system (LIMS) a common question they ask is ‘what is it going to cost?’. [Read More]

The Value of Shelf Life and Stability Studies

Accurate expiration dates on consumer packaging are crucial to keeping the public safe. Expiration dates are calculated using stability studies that determine the shelf life of materials or products. With the importance of stability studies across multiple industries, it is imperative that labs seek a laboratory informatics solution that allows them to operate as efficiently and accurately as possible. [Read  More]

Agilent Case Study: King’s College London

With Agilent SLIMS software, 'questions become answerable'. After Implementing Agilent SLIMS, a lab in London says it sees information with 'depth and richness that didn't exist before'. [Read More]

L7’s End-to-End Lab Management System for Scientific Labs and Biobanks

The L7 LIMS app helps in securely managing data (such as sample, patient, sample location, and sample inventory), assigning role-based access to authorized users to this data, generating configurable reports, and enabling organizations to be regulatory-compliant.  L7's powerful Workflow Management enables the automation of complex wet lab, genomics, biobanking, and bioinformatics workflows. [Read More]

LIMS | SCC’s Cloud-based Configurable Laboratory Information Management System

SCC's LIMS application is a cloud-based, multi-tenant laboratory information management system which provides many features.  This low-cost, configurable solution is designed to provide software support for day-to-day operational automation in clinical, environmental, research, bio banking, and other environments. [Read More]

LIMS for Advanced Battery Technology

Battery manufacturers employ a broad range of pre-production and in-process analysis and quality testing techniques, to assure the quality and purity of raw and in-process materials, and ultimately the safety and quality of the battery. SampleManager software supports every part of battery manufacturing, from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to quality assurance in the production line, to the research and development of the next generation of batteries. [Read More]

Introduction to the LIMS

Introduction to the LIMS is a crucial aspect of modern laboratory management. In this article, we will provide a summary of the introduction to the LIMS by discussing its key benefits, exploring its functionalities, highlighting its applications across different laboratories, and offering guidance on how to choose the right LIMS provider for your organisation. [Read More]

Updated Veterinary LIMS System Now Available as Part of Autoscribe’s LIMS Starter Systems Release

Autoscribe Informatics, the global leader in configurable Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), today announced the latest release of its starter systems. The 4Q22 release includes an improved Veterinary LIMS starter system, and two updated modules for Matrix Gemini LIMS, aliquots and derivatives, and improved security groups. [Read More]

GxP Data Integrity for Cloud Apps – Part 2

Cloud computing brings a number of attributes that require major attention when it comes to trusting the system. There are three major potential threats in cloud computing, namely, security, privacy, and trust. Security plays a critical role in the current era of long dreamed vision of computing as a utility. [Read More]

STARLIMS Improved Workflow Sample Testing and Laboratory Operations with New Life Scienses 11.4 and LES 1.4 Releases

STARLIMS Corporation is pleased to announce the releases of Life Sciences (LS) 11.4 and Laboratory Execution System (LES) 1.4. The two releases will deliver more powerful configuration capabilities for sample testing and integrated functionalities that extend laboratory testing to the bench and beyond.  [Read More]

Impact of Global Warming on the Fishing Industry

Climate change has the potential to damage marine ecosystems, leaving coastal regions with diminished food supplies and economic instability. The LabLynx ELab LIMS for environmental laboratories enables labs to schedule and manage sample collection, allows for chain of custody tracking, and produces quality control charts and reports. [Read More]