Codesign of the Population Health Information Management System to measure reach and practice change of childhood obesity programs

Attempting to implement a regional public health initiative affecting thousands of children is daunting enough, but collecting, analyzing, and reporting critical data that shows efficacy can be even more challenging. This 2018 article published in Public Health Research & Practice demonstrates one approach to such an endeavor in New South Wales Australia. Green et al. discuss the design and implementation of their Population Health Information Management System (PHIMS) to integrate and act upon data associated with not one but two related public health programs targeting the prevention of childhood obesity. The article also discusses some of the challenges with the project, from funding and training all 15 New South Wales local health districts to ensuring support across all the districts for consistent operation and security despite differing IT infrastructures. They conclude that despite the challenges, their award-winning PHIMS solution has been vital to the two programs' success.

Please to read the entire article.

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