Cyberbiosecurity: An emerging new discipline to help safeguard the bioeconomy

Following up on the cyberbiosecurity article posted a few weeks ago, this one by Murch et al. steps away from the strong agriculture focus of the prior and examines cyberbiosecurity from a more broad perspective. Not only do the authors provide background into the convergence of cybersecurity, cyber-physical security, and biosecurity, but they also provide a look at how it extends to biomanufacturing facilities. They conclude that cyberbiosecurity could be applied to various domains—from personalized genomics and medical device manufacturing to food production and environmental monitoring— though continued "[d]irect and ordered engagements of the pertinent sectors of the life sciences, biosecurity, and cyber-cybersecurity communities," as well as tangentially within academia and government, must continue to occur in order "to harmonize the emerging enterprise and foster measurable value, success, and sustainability."

Please to read the entire article.

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