Cybersecurity and privacy risk assessment of point-of-care systems in healthcare: A use case approach

In this 2021 paper published in the journal Applied Sciences, Jofre et al. discuss the cybersecurity and privacy requirements associated with point-of-care (POC) and health information systems in the field of healthcare. In particular, the authors “propose a use-case approach to assess specifications of cybersecurity and privacy requirements of POC systems in a structured and self-contained form.” After introducing the concept of cybersecurity in POC and other medical devices, they discuss their use case in the scope of the European Union’s Secure and Private Health Data Exchange (CUREX) software platform for delivering better trust and security to applications in the healthcare domain. They provide in-depth details about their use case, its technical development, and its implementation in CUREX. They then discuss their results, concluding that as cybersecurity and privacy protection requirements continue to be implemented in healthcare, validated use cases such as their own will be vital for healthcare facilities adopting POC and related technologies, as they will further ensure “the highest quality for what is actually being delivered on the ground or showing promise in terms of developments in the pipeline.”

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