Cybersecurity impacts for artificial intelligence use within Industry 4.0

This brief journal article published in Scientific Bulletin examines how organizations can mitigate the risks of implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and other Industry 4.0 technologies into manufacturing centers, particularly in regards to cybersecurity. Maurice Dawson of the Illinois Institute of Technology first gives a brief introduction on AI and cybersecurity, highlighting that “data science management” incorporates important technology skills, while also highlighting that the recognition of the cybersecurity component of data science management is perhaps lacking. Dawson then discusses the trend of Industry 4.0 and the promise it holds for manufacturers, while also addressing the ever-changing environment and the risks that must be highlighted within it. Noting the importance of manufacturing with the U.S. in particular, the author concludes that “as AI becomes increasingly prominent in critical industries such as manufacturing, it is essential to ensure that proper security controls are in place to thwart any possible threat, whether internal or external.”

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