Delta-8-THC: Delta-9-THC’s nicer younger sibling?

In this 2022 article published in Journal of Cannabis Research, Kruger and Kruger share the results of an exploratory study about delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8-THC) “to inform policy discussions and provide directions for future systematic research.” Noting the lack of research on the cannabinoid, the duo developed a survey and recruited Δ8-THC users to report their experiences with it. After discussing their methodology and sharing their results from the survey, the authors found participant reports to be “overall supportive of the use of Δ8-THC” and to contain “a wealth of other information that can inform hypothesis testing and research questions in future studies.” They conclude that their research should further drive additional collaborative research about, for example, substituting Δ8-THC for Δ9-THC, and inform further policy discussions about laboratory testing, user safety (i.e., harm reduction), and legalization efforts.

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